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Shanelle began her Real Estate career in the apartment industry as a Leasing Consultant with a prominent Residential Property Management company. She quickly became one of the top Leasing Consultants and was often recognized for her high closing performance.  With her ability to easily match prospective renters with the perfect home along with her can-do attitude, applicant screening background, and negotiation & managerial skills, she is extremely seasoned with the leasing process. She has extensive knowledge of the current rental market and is well connected with many of the apartment communities throughout the Inland Empire providing quick access to daily pricing, inventory and weekly specials. Whether you’re a prospective tenant needing to lease a home or you’re an owner needing to list your home for lease, our leasing team can get the job done quickly and professionally saving you time and money.


Prospective renters – Shanelle can email customized listings of private owned properties available for rent, show available homes and assist you with the application and move-in process. For short term rentals, corporate housing, or apartment rental options, please contact me directly.

Prospective landlords – Shanelle will consult with you to determine the current monthly rental value of your home and assist with getting the home show/rent ready.  This service will include marketing your home through multiple online websites and email marketing, provide property signage and lockbox access for agents only, and utilization of our 3rd party applicant screening company.  We will take care of the entire leasing & move in process!

Common Leasing Requirements:

Application: A signed and fully completed application for each adult over the age of 18 along with a copy of a photo ID for each applicant.

Application Fee: Application fees vary and are typically between $30-100 per applicant.

Evictions: Applicant must not owe any current or former landlords, or any apartment communities any amount of money.  Note: some owners or property management companies may accept an application with additional security deposit or if the applicant provides proof that the balance has been satisfied, however, acceptance is not guaranteed and is on a case-by-case basis.


Employment/Income: Applicant’s income must be at least three (3) times the property rental rate (some owners require 3 ½ times the property rental rate) Applicant will be asked to provide proof of employment and income with the application. Acceptable verification would be:
— Current pay stubs showing year-to-date earnings (typically 2-4 paystubs)
— Self Employed applicants will be required to provide copies of the 2 most recent previous years signed and filed tax returns and/or bank statements
— For income received from other sources other than employment (such as alimony (court ordered), child support (court ordered), disability income, retirement, etc.) official written documentation will be requested.

Credit: Most owners or property management companies will obtain and review credit reports ordered through one or more consumer credit reporting agencies. Additionally, they receive information from eviction and criminal background databases. Any applicant that applies with no credit history may be required to pay an additional deposit or obtain a co-signer. Many times, any unsatisfactory findings may result in the requirement of an additional deposit or application denial. Note:  many rentals require a minimum credit score of 650 or better.


Rental History and Credit: Many owners greatly rely on landlord verified, good rental history. They typically ask for a minimum of 12-24 months of successful rental history. While an applicant’s credit score is not usually the deciding factor, it is highly considered along with their track record in meeting their credit obligations.

Lease Terms: Owners will require a written lease. All available homes are leased for a minimum of 12 months, with the exception of corporate or short-term rentals. Longer/shorter lease terms may be available upon the approval of the property owner. An additional deposit or a co-applicant/co-signer may be required if the ability to pay the rental amount is not verifiable.


Deposit and Holding Fees: Prior to move in, the first month rent, security deposit, and pet deposit (if applicable), must be paid. Most times upon approval of a rental application, the applicant will need to submit their security deposit, sometimes it is requested to be submitted with the application fee upon submitting an application. If the applicant were to cancel/not move-in, the deposit is non-refundable; otherwise it is applied toward their move-in balance due. If the application is denied, the deposit is refundable; the application fee is always non-refundable.

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